When it comes to drinking many see whiskey as a common man drink. While it may be, Richard Paterson says poo poo to that. Pinky's up.

Like many my first experience with whiskey was with Jack Daniels. I hated it. Now however many years later it's my go to if I'm not drinking beer. Jack and Coke. I feel like a nimrod for doing that after watching this video. Adding the Coke that is. What the whiskey needs is water. Who would have thought?

Come on, really? Water? Well what a spoonful or two of water does is take away the shock your tongue gets as soon as the alcohol hits your tastebud's. But honestly I doubt I will do such with Jack. Jameson maybe, or Bushmills. The more expensive and far more complex whiskey's.

However, This video was a life lesson.You know when you end up at a gathering whether it be a party or social function and you realize everyone else is handling things with class? Then you look down and see that you have a clip on tie and a horrible paisley pattern shirt on. This is when your skills at drinking whiskey correctly may come in handy. It even may pick up the ladies. Or dudes, whatever you're into.

Learn how to smell, taste and look like a sir while drinking whiskey in the video below and remember. Pinky's up.