The Zombies are coming ... and if you want to survive there is something you should know. Find out in this week's Free Advice Friday.

It's happening. The air is getting colder, the leaves are changing and falling from the trees, and it's inevitable ... the zombies are coming.

If it is your goal to survive the zombie apocalypse we have some advice for you in this weeks edition of Free Advice Friday ...

If for some reason things don't work out quite the way you planned, the zombies are congregating on Friday, October 28th at the Saratoga City Center for the Zombie Prom complete with live music, zombie makeovers, and cash prizes in the Scary-oke competition and for the Zombie Prom Queen and King! Tickets are available right now! If you want yours just click HERE.

Special thanks to Ward from Corpse-fx for making us feel more at home (and look GREAT) in our undeadness!