Iggy Pop. Tom Waits. Bill Murray. Adam Driver. Steve Buscemi... The list of names for the cast of “The Dead Don’t Die” can go on and on.   I caught the movie last night, and every scene someone new popped up.  Going into the movie I was expecting a campy zombie comedy (which I would have no problem with), but I left realizing I had seen the most unique and interesting movie in years.  So here’s my reasons that you have to go see “The Dead Don’t Die” (some spoilers ahead):

  • The Music Presence:  Cameos, characters, homages.  The fact that the movie surrounds a Sturgill Simpson song.  I could see this movie again and again and still probably not pick up on everything.  Iggy Pop as a coffee-chugging zombie and Tom Waits just doing his thing were the icing on the cake.
  • The Homages:  There were tons of George Romero homages (the original zombie movie man) from ‘Night of the Living Dead’ pins to an appearance of a classic zombie.  It was just so smart.  Oh and let’s throw In pop-culture jokes alluding to politics, red hats, the environment, and more.  I need to see this 10 more times to catch them all.
  • The Originality: There is nothing boring about this movie.  The dry sense of humor mixed with bizarre situations mixed with purposeful ‘breaks’ from character got the entire crowd laughing in the theater.  It’s like nothing I’ve seen in years.
  • The Hipsters:  I enjoy anything that makes fun of hipsters.  Enough said.  Go see what happens to ‘those hipsters from Cleveland”.
  • Bill Murray:  Enough said.  That should be enough.

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