On this weeks Free Advice Friday, don't be that guy that has to ruin it for everyone else.

Trolls on the internet are probably always going to be a thing. While there are many types of annoying internet trolls one of the worst are people that like to gain access to things and spoil the surprise for everyone else. Things like concert announcements, television shows, and movies.

Last night Avengers: Infinity War came out and today my entire news feed was filled with spoilers. Like the rest of world hasn't been waiting for this film to come out too. Just because some people have obligations that may keep them away from opening night doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to have the same experience when they finally see the film as those who did. To be honest I'm not even really sure what people get out of giving it away? It's never a good feeling to disappoint someone.

So this week our advice is to NOT be that guy that has to ruin it for everyone else. Talk about with your friends after they have seen it. I bet that be a much better discussion anyways.