When a hurricane is coming through an area, you always think about evacuating and getting to a safe place. What happens to the animals in the shelters of those areas? They need to be evacuated too. That's where Pets Alive comes in. They are a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter in Orange County, NY in the Hudson Valley.

Ahead of devastating Hurricane Ida, the staff made a call to the Humane Society of Louisiana and the Best Friends Animal Society to make arrangements to move those animals in the shelters according to the Times Union. This wasn't the first time that Pets Alive lent a helping paw.


They were a big part of the animal evacuations with Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and Superstorm Sandy in our area in 2012. They also knew from the power of Hurricane Katrina that those shelters need to be evacuated because some have outdoor pens that hold the animals.


There are sixty dogs and cats that have been brought from Louisianna to the Northeast with Pets Alive receiving twenty-six. It is important to note that these animals are not people's pets but shelter animals awaiting adoption. They are now going through the check-in process. This means they will make sure all animals are spayed and neutered, have all of their shots, and are microchipped. This allows them to be adopted. The process should take about a week and a half. In the meantime, they say it is important to adopt now so they can have enough room for more animals that will arrive in the coming days.


If you wish to make a donation or to start the adoption process, check out their website HERE.

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