Back in July a 1500lb bull nicknamed 'Barney' escaped from a Long Island farm on the very day he was allegedly set to be slaughtered. For the past 2 months Barney had been spotted several times but was able to elude his captors. That is until today.

According to the New York Post, Barney the bull was captured on the same farm where he escaped! Are you kidding me?! All this time we were rooting for him because he broke free and saved his own life! Now he returns to the scene of the slaughter?! Man, this better have a good ending.

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Handlers from the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue used food to lure Barney into a make-shift coral as officers from the Suffolk County ASPCA looking on. Once he was in the coral, the bull was placed into a trailer and started the ride to Skylands in New Jersey. Consider this Barney's retirement home, surrounded by other rescued animals on 232 acres.

The Suffolk County Police Department went as far as to launch helicopter and drone searches. They even installed digital signs to warn drivers to keep an eye out for Barney.

It has also been reported that he might get a name change as well. Being from Long Island the name "Bully Joel" has been tossed around. Whether it's Barney or Bully Joel maybe he just needed to get away, you know?

Take a holiday from the neighborhood, hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood. Maybe take a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line and be in a New York state of mind - Bully Joel

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