As posted by News 10 abc, human remains were found this weekend in Delmar by someone hunting.  Specifically, the remains were found in a wooded area behind 55 Delaware Ave., behind a Hoffman's Car Wash.  I couldn't really find much more information.  According to News 10 abc, the body was not identifiable at the time due to it's condition, and Bethlehem Police believe that it may have been there for a "considerable amount of time."  Missing persons cases are being reviewed, and it's being investigated by a multitude of agencies including the Bethlehem Police Department, the New York State Police, and New York State Forest Rangers.

A few months ago, I was part of a search and rescue for a colleague who had unfortunately committed suicide.  It was beyond heart-breaking, and the experience of crawling through brambles and branches with police and rangers, looking for any signs of a body or life, is seared in my memory.  Seeing a friend's face on a "Missing Persons" poster was devastating.  From my experience, the experience itself was awful, but the closure was so important.  Possibly this will bring some closure to one of the many missing persons cases out there.