This is the story of a mysterious missing person here in New York State. According to ABC News, the first 72 hours following a person's disappearance is crucial in locating them alive. It's within this time period that the evidence is strongest, the memory of witnesses is still fresh and leads haven't evaporated yet.

What happened in Otsego County? Did too much time pass to save this individuals life? Was their death an accident? New York State Police have made a discovery and are now asking for your help.

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According to the New York State Police Facebook page, officers from Troop C have launched an investigation into the discovery of human remains in Morris, NY. Out of respect to the deceased individual and their family, these are just the facts that have been discovered. We are publishing some details with the hope that this victim is accurately identified and the family can have some closure.

New York State Troopers reveled pictures (see below) and the description of some items found at the scene as well as a rough description of the victim. If you have any information to share regarding this case please contact Troop C at 607-561-7400. Case #10972590


Here are some of the details that the New York State Police have shared regarding the discovery of these human remains. Do you know this individual? Does any of this seem familiar to you?

  • Adult female
  • Approximately 4'9" - 4'11" in height
  • Addidas brand jogging pants
  • Pink tank top
  • Lightweight black jacket with pink zipper
  • Pair of Carolina brand boots
  • Silver adjustable ring with a heart
  • Gold chain necklace

The identity of this woman in currently unknown. If you have any information that could lead to her identity and the circumstances surrounding her death, please contact New York State Police at 607-561-7400 and reference case # 10972590.

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