This was something I was not aware of. I would also assume many others along with me aren't or weren't either.

A brief dive into my family. They hunt, at least my on my mother's side. I was never taken hunting as ADHD was prevalent in my younger years. My family always told me I would scare the deer away. Coyotes do that too.

Let's fast forward to Thanksgiving dinner.

My uncles were discussing how a friend had indeed shot a coyote. This was something that right away made me question, "Is that legal?".

Then I saw that indeed had an entire article explaining whether it is or isn't legal.

Long story short, completely legal. It also has a very, very long hunting season. October 1st through March 31st. Just as my Uncle had said, the coyote's scare away the deer so many hunters will indeed shoot one any chance they get.

Read more about this at here. 

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