I decided to blog about fall fashions for 2016 because I wanted to know what all the cool kids will be wearing when they go back to school, but I found myself asking why is it that you never see real people wearing the clothes displayed in fashion shows?

Christian Dior : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016
Getty Images

Seriously! Who even wears this stuff? This picture is $500 if you don't have a subscription to Getty Images and I have never seen this stupid looking dress before, it looks like someone based the design off of a cheese cake and this model looks like she just smelt a fart.

Recently I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix, the show takes place in 1983 and I keep having a tickle fit over all the 80's clothes, I noticed that all the kids were not dressed like hussies and trend chumps.

It was suggested to me that I blog about how it is 'Legging Season' but I don't own any leggings to wear them this season and I can't tell the difference between leggings, yoga pants and tights. All I know is that I am not supposed to stare at the girls wearing them, but it's ok to stare at the guys who are wearing them, they even answer my questions, the girls don't, they  just roll their eyes at me and walk away and then I watch them out of spite.

I have never been fashionable and my wife hates it, she tries to make me wear what is 'in style' but then I screw it up on purpose. She is always telling me to wear product in my hair, then I refuse to acknowledge what she is talking about until she says "Hair Gel" and it actually looks like it is hurting her to say it.

I just don't understand the world anymore....



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