I hate most college kids in general, but my new focus of real hate is directed mainly at the students of the University of Massachusetts.

On the topic of the Super Bowl I am completely non bias, I had no favor on either side. In fact I’m not all the big a fan of football, I like a real sport, hockey! But that all aside I can enjoy a good sporting contest just as much as the next and especially one with as much meaning as the Super Bowl. But let’s say hypothetically I did like the New England Patriots. I would never dream in a million years of rioting in result of their much deserved lost. I’d do what any normal person would do and shrug it off and have another beer. After all, I didn’t lose the Super Bowl. A team I cheer for, that doesn’t even know I exist, did.

College students are the absolute worst. I started to hate them once I became one myself in 2004. A bunch or morn kids who for some reason think they know everything in the world when really they are simply in college to learn everything they do not! Why riot?? Why riot for anything but a revolution over the government. How can you even come close to justifying a sporting event as a good excuse for a riot. You UMASS student disgust me and make me want to pin each of you down and blow raspberries on your stomach until you pee your pants. Yeah, that’s how mad you make me.

Riot over a football game you didn’t even play in? Good Christ you are just as stupid as the PENN state students who rioted after a man who was an accessory to covering up a child rape got fired. At least they have the excuse of being ignorant to the real situation. What’s your excuse UMASS? Let me guess, you guys were “wicked pissed” that the Pats lost or “you didn’t like dem apples” when Wes Welker dropped a pass that inconveniently hit him in the hands. Great reason to riot UMASS. Congratulations and rest up. Its only a month until you have to riot again on St. Patrick’s day for another genius reason.

Side note, after watching this gutsy little pipsqueak doing the only sensible thing in this mob of people I envy him. What better way to show a bunch of idiots how stupid they are acting then to salsa dance like Victor Cruz. And the fact that this upsets the Patriot’s fans further proves my point that these students are moronic. Let me stress this again, YOU DID NOT LOSE THE SUPER BOWL… the Patriots did. You are not on the team so your emotions should not have been that invested. The only people have the right to be sad or angry are those who were on the team, work for the club, or bet some serious money on the game. Spectator/fan doesn’t give you the right to punch a genius ballsy kid who had the guts to dance in front of thousands of Massholes in the back of the head. At least have the decently to punch him in the face where he sees you coming. Good Lord, you’re in a crowd of thousands, do you really have to sneak up on him? God bless the giant goons who save this kid’s life and god bless this tiny punk for showing the true size of his balls. The world needs a good heel and I commend you young man.