It’s Official! The “BS in 10” has been signed by Governor Cuomo in New York, and new registered nurses will now need to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree within 10 years of practicing. No more Associates Degree only. I stumbled on an article reporting this through News 10, but as an RN myself, it’s something I’ve been following for a long time.  I’ve had my Bachelor’s in nursing for almost 6 years now, and am currently in school for my Master’s Degree.  A lot of my coursework this fall was related to disparities, healthcare policy, and... the “BS in 10”!  And frankly, it’s no shock to me that this was passed.  It’s legislation that has been pushed for years, as well as supported by the American Nurses Association.   When your main professional organization supports something, you can bet it will probably pass eventually.  And Governor Cuomo followed suit and signed off on it.

The American Nurses Association has released statements discussing the “BS in 10” and the benefits, such as helping to address staff shortages, and helping nursing to grow in a field of growing technology and complexity.   Now, before people get  frustrated at the idea of more schooling needed for a degree- a nurse has 10 years to get their Bachelor’s.  That allows an RN to work while doing school. Also, a LOT of healthcare organizations will offer tuition reimbursement and partner with colleges for tuition discounts for employees.  In the Capital Region alone, employees that I know with multiple hospitals in the region are getting their school paid for by their work place.

This may be one of the last changes of 2017, but who knows what 2018 will bring! What are your thoughts?