In celebration of Cereal Day, my blog is all about cereal because cereal is awesome.

My favorite cereal is Cracklin Oat Bran.

"The Last Pancake Breakfast" Art Sparks Protests
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Many cereals have come and gone but they all had awesome commercials!

This first one is one of my favorite from the 80's. Iit's a cereal that convinced me I would be eating little singing pieces of cereal with arms and legs.

When I finally got to have a bowl Rocky Road Cereal I was not disappointed because it was loaded with sugar.

This next commercial always made me giggle.

After seeing this commercial I started answering every question that someone asked me with:  "Nut & Honey."

I so ate Mr. T Cereal while watching the Mr. T Saturday Morning cartoon.

For some reason, I always remember Mr. T Cereal tasting just like Captain Crunch.

I have to admit: I was a stupid kid that would eat really bad cereals just because my favorite cartoon characters told me to beg my mom to buy their cereal.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Smurf Cereal actually wasn't that bad.

In conclusion: Cereal is the greatest food ever.

Another conclusion: I may have got caught up in the nostalgia the cereals of my childhood and not blogged enough about cereal on Cereal Day, so here is Matt Stonie eating a giant bowl of Trix.

One more thing...

Ever try combining cereals?

It's one of the greatest adventures you will ever take in your mouth.

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