I really wish this was still in the Capital Region!

I mean, we have the Tri-City ValleyCats, which is great.  But I really miss the Albany-Colonie Yankees.  Remember? The minor league team based out of Albany that was affiliated with the Yankees from 1985-1994.  There were some heavy hitters that came from there, straight out of the Capital Region, like Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Andy Pettitte, and Mariano Rivera.  Basically, a slew of amazing legendary Yankees players.  I used to go to games all the time when I was little with my dad, a die-hard Yankee fan.  He'd drive us up from our rural home in the mountains to the Capital Region to watch games, and scope out all of the players before they made the big time.  So as much as I love going to Tri-City ValleyCats games, I have to say, I really miss having a team affiliated with the Yankees in the Capital Region.  What's one thing you miss the most that used to be here?

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