Don't Fall for It

Police in Upstate New York warned residents about a person(s) posing as a police officer who needed to speak to them about a "legal matter".

Don't fall for it - it's a scam.

Schenectady Police Department

The warning came earlier in the week from the Schenectady Police Department when they learned of the imposter who called people to speak about some sort of legal matter.

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The Schenectady Police say the person making the calls is using the name of an actual police officer on the force in an attempt to gain the trust of the individual they're hoping to scam.

Has anything like this happened to you?

If so, the SPD wants you to call them at 518-630-0911 if something like this has happened to you.  And here's what they posted to their Facebook page a few days ago.

  • The department has become aware of a recent scam where an individual states that they work for the Schenectady Police Department.
  • The person attempting to scam you may use an active officer’s name in an attempt to engage people in conversation.
  • On messages that have been left, individuals are told that they are involved in a “legal matter”, then given a phone number to call back. The numbers given do not belong to the Schenectady Police Department.
  • The department is currently investigating the origins of these calls, which do not appear to be from our area. If you wish to report a call like this, please contact 518-630-0911.

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