Jeff Rains, lead singer of the band Rains, has been working on a new album for his band but he also has something else on the fire, a new "super group" (if you will). The group which came together rather quickly features Jeff (guitar, second lead vocal), Paul Mccoy of 12 Stones (lead vocal), Pitter of Evans Blue (bass), Nick James of Craving Lucy (guitar), and Justin Pacey of Digital Summer (drums).

When I spoke with Jeff at Rock On The Range, the band was simply an idea but that made a quick turn.

It went from being a random idea, a group of guys thinking about doing a side project. A day after I saw you in Ohio, it was announced.

(I think) Justin got a hold of me first saying we should try to do something.

10 minutes later Justin calls back and says Paul was in.

It was very simple to put the pieces together, Paul called Jeff on his way to Rock on the Range and asked if they were "doing this". The following day demos were being sent between Jeff and Paul and recording has already begun.

I sent him (Paul) tracks I've done and then he is sending me tracks with vocals.

We're setting it up kind of like an Alice In Chains vocal thing where he (Paul) is the main vocal and I'm going to do a lot of vocals too.

What about the timeline for a release from the band?

I have a studio at my house and they are coming here June 12th to record the first single. We'll have it all ready to go by then.

I'm sending everything straight to the mixer, then mastering. Basically as fast as it happens it will happen.

Hear more about the new, unnamed, project/super group in my conversation with Jeff below