I grew up on the pizza and other amazing food items that Jimmy's Pizza has produced. All of it is top notch. Well, the famed owner is moving on from the business.

If you live in the Lansingburgh area of Troy, you know Jimmy's. I don't care who you are, you love Jimmy's too. Numerous times a month I would have their food as a child and even to this day, they are a go to for a pizza. The quality is just soo good.

Another thing you will do if you live in this area of Troy is have an argument about who has the better pie, Testo's or Jimmy's.

Unlike every other story about restaurants closing or changing ownership that you have seen over the last bit of time, this isn't for a bad reason. Former owner James Farley is retiring. Retirement after 38 years of hard work. Hopefully the quality of Jimmy's will remain the exact way he kept it.

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