Have you heard yet? The first total solar eclipse can be seen in the Capital Region a week from tomorrow. Here is what you need to know.

The last time the breathtaking phenomenon happened for the US was in 1918 so odds are if you are reading this article you have never experienced this. Now here is the thing, New York actually won't be in line for a the full thing. We will see the sun eclipsed but not how many others in the center of the country will. The Capital Region is set to see it at about 60-70%

The odd thing is though, we haven't had one in 99 years but in 7 years will see another one. That is the one to behold as that will be when we get a full 100% solar eclipse. I applaud science for this!! Well that and outer space and the things it does.

This time though will still be a sight to see, step outside around 1:15PM on Monday August 21st. That is when everything will be about to begin. By about 2:40 PM you will see the eclipse in the fullest form we will get. More info at the links below.


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