has put together a list of the top 10 things that you can do in order to keep your brain in tip top shape.We are all pretty caught up in our own lives.  Work, family, hobbies.  It kind of gets in the way of continuing our education.  Like it or not it doesn't stop when we are done with High School and College.  Much like the rest of our bodies, we need to work out our brain to keep it in shape.  It is a muscle after all.  So here are few exercises you can do to work out your brain every once in a while.

  • Sudoku:  I personally can't stand sudoku, but this game is a perfect way to give your brain a workout.  If you don't know what it is, where have you been?  It's a number puzzle game that annoys the hell out of me, but it can help boost your problem solving skills and your overall brain health so maybe I'll give it another try.
  • Wikipedia Random Search:  They say that this is one of the best ways to pick up a little extra knowledge.   This is a great way to stumble upon new information which is good for your brain every single day.
  • Practice Simple Math:  Studies show that be keeping up with simple math is the perfect way to exercise your brain.  Do as many simple addition and subtraction problems as you can in 60 seconds and you will become far less dependent on a calculator.
  • Write not Type:  If you write out rather than type little things it will keep your brain more attentive.  When writing things down you pay more attention to details in spelling than when you type.
  • Teach yourself:  When doing simple tasks it is better for your brain to recall if you go through it step by step as if you were learning it for the first time.  So basically, be your own teacher when trying to recall how to do things.
  • Tell yourself Stories:  Studies show that telling Alzheimer's patients stories help them rebuild their memory, so if you tell yourself stories it is a good way to exercise the memory portion of your brain.  It will also help you retain information and better focus.
  • Lumosity:  This is a web app that allows you to do simple brain games to keep yourself sharp.  You can create an account or use it for free.  Here is a link: Lumosity
  • Meditate: This has worked with monks for hundreds of years.  Scientists say that just 20 minutes of meditation a day will actually make your brain grow.
  • Learn Your Faults: Your brain is really good at doing a lot of things, but is also not good at just as many.  Figure out what areas your struggle in, write them down and practice them.  After all you can't get better if you don't practice.
  • Exercise and Eat Right:  When it all comes down to it if you treat the rest of your body well, your brain will be healthier.  So get off the couch and put down the junk food.  Not only will you give your brain a work out, but you'll feel better all around.

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