Missing anything out of your car lately?  If you keep your ride in Washington Park, there is a good chance you are.  Three young kids were busted with stolen property, property taken from cars sitting in the park. 

Anytime I head out in Albany, I park right in Washington Park.  I have to walk a bit if I need to head over to Lark Street, but it beats the hassle of searching for a parking spot on the street.  I may think twice now after a recent crime spree by kids less than half of my age!

Last week, a 12 year old girl was busted with a stolen iPod.  Residents saw her checking out cars and the iPod was apparently stolen from a car in the park.  At 12, it may come as a shock, but this is not the first time the girl was caught!  Due to her age, her name has not been released but this lad has been stealing since the age of 9 when she was arrested for stealing  cell phone from a bus driver.  She was caught red handed twice over the last two years with another iPod and stolen purse.

Two other kids were arrested this past Sunday when they were seen breaking into cars in the park.  The police found the stolen items and a pellet gun.  A 15 year old was caught with a stolen GPS from one of the cars.  The same 15 year old was arrested just a few days prior on August 10th after stealing a camera out of a car on North Main.  The second kid, a 13 year old, had a stolen GPS and was carrying the pellet gun.

Some of these reports make me think that I'm better off hitting up Lark an hour earlier, finding a parking spot and ensuring that my GPS won't end up in the hands of a 13 year old.  Seriously, when I was 9, pretty sure I thought "slides!" when I heard "park" - not "gunna steal me an iPod today."   Will you continue to leave your car in the park?