A 6-year-old from nearby Palmer, Mass is in some hot water all over a Lego toy gun that's the size of a quarter. Are we taking "zero tolerance" too far when it comes to guns at schools? Read on for the full story.

The boy caused an uproar Friday morning when another student riding the bus saw the toy gun and yelled to the driver. According to the boy's mother "the bus driver claims he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized."

The school then sent a letter home to the parents of the children on the bus explaining they were never in harm during the 'incident'. The letter, pictured below, also had an image of the toy gun which is no larger than the size of a quarter.

The boy's mother is highly upset in how her son was punished as he had to write an apology letter to the bus driver; so did the student who yelled to the driver to report the toy gun.

“I could see if it was you know, an air soft gun or some sort of pistol or live bullets or something. This is just a toy" said the boy's mother to WGGB. "At six-years-old. I don’t really think he understood the zero tolerance policy and related it to this as the same."