One Capital Region town has just had a week of what seems like relentless violence.  Now, two teens have been shot, continuing that streak of violence.

The most recent shootings of two teenagers, reported by the Times Union, adds to the list of crime in an area that has already dealt with a homicide, burglaries, and shootings within the past week.  Suffering from violence that just seems to be getting worse, Troy has been making the news repeatedly.

A lengthy post on Sidewinder Photography's Facebook page details the week of violence in the Troy area, beginning with the September 17th murder of a 19-year-old female.  Following that was a bank robbery at 820 2nd ave., and in another incident a stabbing of two people.  After that there were shots fired on fifth avenue, and another episode of shots fired (details according to the post, which you can read here).  And as the Times Union just reported, two teenagers were shot after gunfire erupted again on sixth avenue near the intersection with Ingalls, and both of the injured are expected to recover.

I know many of the hard-working Troy police officers, and follow the Troy PBA page for updates on what is happening.  Anyone else who does knows the struggles that the officers face with under-staffing, and the discord between the police putting themselves on the front-lines and their needs, and the mayor and political players in the town.  Following a brutal week full of stabbings, shooting, and more, one can only hope the news settles down.