We may need to find somewhere other than Lake George to cool off in for the last couple of weekends of summer.


The Department of Environmental Conservation has had to close Lake George beaches for a second time due to some high levels of fecal coliform.

From what I gathered from the Times Union the issue has something to do with the birds congregating in the lake saying:

Positive coliform bacteria results are typical in areas where birds and mammals frequent

and that there have been:

An unusually high number of geese, ducks and seagulls in the area

So essentially, bird poop, bird poop is ruining summer. As a result Million Dollar Beach and Dog beach have been closed until further notice. Apparently,

Most coliform bacteria do not cause disease, but some rare strains of E.coli can cause serious illness

So to be on the safe side I think you might want to pick another lake to swim in this weekend or maybe even hit up a friend with a pool.