Great news from the music world today- Lamb Of God's front man Randy Blythe has finally been released on bail from Prague prison after more than a month behind the international bars. Metal fans rejoice!

The 41-year-old was arrested on June 27 in connection with a fan's death at a 2010 Lamb Of God show. After several attempts and $400,000 things did not look good for him and it seemed as though he would be locked up for quite awhile, forcing tour cancellations and near riots by fans. Donations were set up in Blythe's honor and anyone who wanted to could give money in order to handle his legal fees.

Martina Lhotakova, spokeswoman for Prague's Municipal Court, says Blythe was released on $400,000 bail. That decision upholds a previous court decision which was challenged by prosecutors.

The whole situation was completely ridiculous and blown way out of proportion and honestly I think it was all about money. Obviously Blythe had no harmful intentions and the kid shouldn't have tried to get on stage in the beginning.

Although he may have to return for a court appearance, let's hope this is the beginning of a good ending for Blythe, his family and the band. Maybe he should avoid playing shows in Prague from now on? What do you think?