One of the most notorious jail complexes in New York is going to be closing.

In a vote that passed 36-13, one of New York's most infamous places will be shutting down by 2026.  As reported by the Times Union, Rikers Island Jail Complex will be shut down and replaced by four smaller complexes placed around the Burroughs of New York City.

The Times Union reports that Rikers has a tarnished history, and symbolizes brutality and and inhumanity.  City Council Speaker Corey Johnson made a statement on this, and the need to move away from "failed polices of mass incarceration" (see the statement here).

Rikers is a massive facility, and the replacement project costs about $8 billion (yes you read that right).  The Times Union reported more on support behind this project, and the idea that huge jails are more of a problem to public safety than a help.  But I don't want to get too into that since I'm not trying to get political- you can certainly read about it here and let us know your thoughts.


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