Good news! That Coyote found on the terrace of the New York State Museum in Albany has been set FREE!

On Tuesday we told you about how a coyote chillin' on the terrace of the New York State Museum in Albany caused the evacuation of the 4th floor while Department of Environmental Conservation officers, state police and Albany County Animal Control tranquilized it to take it back to the DEC's wildlife health lab for further evaluation.

Turns out we were right and the coyote was probably just resting and taking in the views because after the tranks wore off the coyote was found to be in good health and on Wednesday morning the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released the coyote back into the wild!

Albeit not in the in the same spot where it was found. I kind of feel bad for the pup who presumably was just trying to get it's history on and check out the Albany skyline one minute and the next he's waking up groggy at the DEC. In the long run though I'm glad that everyone and everything is safe and free. If you want to see some video of the majestic release the NYSDEC captured the moment for your viewing pleasure!