Winter Storm Stella sure had a lot of people in the Capital Region finding some interesting new ways to make a couple of dollars...

When the Nor'easter known as "Winter Storm Stella" hit the Capital Region last week, hard, I noticed that most of the people in our community were coming together to help each other out. I also noticed that there were a few people coming up with some pretty ingenious ways to make a couple of extra dollars off the snow.

Mostly kids (and some grown adults) offering to shovel everything from sidewalks, steps, and driveways. However, one gentleman in Troy who happens to work with a local restaurant really peaked my interest.

With all the snow everywhere he noticed that people were having a hard time making it in to the restaurant. So, he decided to launch what he called "Fake Troy Uber". Which was essentially him serving as a shuttle service to bring customers to the restaurant. He even went so far as to make a full on promotional video for it which you can watch below!

In all honesty Vic told me that the snow was just brutal in the area and he wanted to make sure that their customers could get to the restaurant for some grub. Plus as an added bonus he was able to highlight the fact that Upstate New York is one of the only major metropolitan areas in this country still fighting for ride sharing options. He also told me he'll do whatever the people want or need to get them in the restaurant and if you were curious, he wasn't actually charging people for the rides.

If you feel like the Capital Region could benefit from ride sharing services there are steps you can take to make you voice heard. You can learn more about how to do that by clicking HERE.