It's Winter Olympics season, which means the inevitable- hearing all kinds of people talk about how they could be Olympians in curling.  I have to admit, I'm totally guilty of saying "that doesn't look hard," and I also may be a little bit biased with my history as an alpine ski racer.  So when I was offered a chance to tag along with Brian and Chrissy of WGNA for a private curling lesson with the Albany Curling Club, I couldn't resist!  First of all, I learned what a wonderful venue the Albany Curling Club is- I had no idea it even existed prior to this.  Secondly, I learned about the sport of curling.  That means the technique, the difficulty, and the ins-and-outs.  Curling is a heck of a lot harder than I had imagined.  After our lesson, I admittedly took back all of the times I said "that doesn't look hard" and left with a big smile on my face and a new respect for the sport.  Check out some of my photos in the gallery above!