Finally a place to shop and play at the same time!

Okay, okay, so there are a bunch of places where you can play inside Crossgates Mall (as a child or an adult) however, none of them are an entire store of Lego's!! That is until the new Lego store opens this fall...

This morning word got out that a brand new Lego store will be opening at Crossgates Mall this November and judging by the press release there will be plenty of awesomeness going on inside the new store! The TU says the new store will have full selection of LEGO products and branded merchandise for children ages 2.

In addition to the standard Lego sets they will have the "Pick & Build Wall" where you can handpick and purchase specific LEGO bricks and elements in a variety of colors and shapes in bulk. The "Brand Ribbon" which will run all around the store with put together displays and the the history of Lego's. Plus, the "Living Room" where you can literally play and build in the store!

The new store should be open just in time for holiday shopping so if you know anyone that needs some Lego's in their life this will be the place to get them!


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