Earlier this week Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover was leaked. It gave everyone a taste of  the theme Linday's photographs were going to be portraying.  Although today the photos themselves were leaked. According to Gawker, they are definitely a let-down than what the media was amping the shoot to be. Lindsay never shows her "cookie" to the world. She teases the entire time.

I checked out the NFSW photos on Gawkers site and they were right. There is so much editing done on the pictures, it doesn't look like the real cracked out Lindsay Lohan we all know. I was expecting her to look more like the train wreck nut job that she is.  Oh yeah, there are zero freckles.  If you have seen the Parent Trap, you know that girl has a face full of freckles. Let's not forget the tattoos she sports are all edited out too. Hugh, what were you thinking? I'm all for the glorification of tattoos, although Linday's are pretty lame anyway. That girl can't get anything right.

Was it worth $1 million of Hef's dollars? Hell no! You could have just given her a few shots, and she'd probably take off her clothes for free. Who's the next overrated celeb going to be in Playboy?

linsay lohan naked

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