A male version of Hooters is opening in Dallas, Texas of all places, and now I think I have to move to Dallas so I can get in line for a application before Eric Zane does. However I do feel that I am ahead of the game with image I found for this Blog. 


I did work for the actual Hooters for a short time, I was a dish washer, I was very disappointing that I did not get to wear shorts and a tank-top because I was always getting hot and wet. Then I had to prep chicken wings and the Hooter girls were scared of me because I talked to the dishes and the dishwasher, but I was the dishwasher, so I was talking to myself.

Leave it to Texas to show us up, I was getting excited with all the new business making their way to the Capital Region. We finally get a Sonic and Dallas has to show us up with half naked men serving you food. Wonder if they are going to call their hot wings, hot dings.

And now we will really find out if everything is bigger in Texas, at least that is how I plan on getting a job at this place.

Personally I think this is a trap, but I won't get into that.


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