A local coach was busted after taking a high school boys sports team to Hooters.

I myself am a huge fan of Hooters wings, so not gonna knock the place.  But the best place to bring a group of high schoolers?  Maybe not the best judgement.

I caught this on Jefferson County Alerts but you can also read about it at the Times Union.  A Lake George boys soccer team experienced a loss against Voorheesville, after an undefeated season.  However, the trouble came afterwards when the team's coach brought them for a post-game dinner to Hooters.

It looks like they went to the Colonie location, where there are of course tons of other restaurants to choose from.  According to the posting, the Superintendent was forced to take "action" against Coach Blake White for the decision.

I've been a soccer coach myself, years ago for a private school, and honestly it felt like every decision I made was under the scrutiny of parents and administrators. So as an outsider and someone who has been in the coaching shoes, I can say yeah, not the best choice there.