It's summertime! The windows are down in the car or even opened at your house. So when you are cranking Q103, you need to be careful a bit about how loud you take it to - or at least this guy would tell you that should.

Tim Brown was at his home Jefferson County, TN listening to music loudly when he was attacked with a crowbar and baseball bat. Shannon Greene, Tim's girlfriend, and her son have been charged with assault.

Tim is recovering from life threatening injuries at a local hospital.

This is not the first story of it's kind, a Florida man got in to an altercation with several teenagers over loud music last year. After an exchange of words the man opened fire on their car, killing one of the teens. He was since pleaded Not Guilty to the murder charges using the state's "Stand Your Ground" law as his defense, similar to the George Zimmerman case.

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