Ok, things related to vaping are expensive. Sure. Don't impersonate a cop and rob a place to get what you need to feed your nicotine addiction.

I vape and always am met with the jokes, or the degradation. That I can get past. Maybe there is a reason that people say those things. It may be because there are complete idiots that are in our midst. Now sure, this doesn't just apply to people who vape but I needed to vent that seeing as one of those idiots thought this plan would work.

Frank J. Futia is the man in question and get this, two months ago he went into a convenience store dressed as an Albany cop and lied to the clerk saying they were selling illegal vape products and confiscated them. Two months ago.. So he actually got away with this for some time. Like really?? Also what dope would go into a gas station convenience store where more than likely there are cameras and steal anything!! Moron!! More on the arrest made is liked below.