With Halloween around the corner, we have a better idea for carving pumpkins. Some of you are going out to buy pumpkins for the kids to carve. Well this year, make sure you pick one up for yourself, because today we are learning how to make beer kegs from pumpkins.

If you happen to like the pumpkin taste in your beer, then this idea will have added value for you. If not, that's fine too. We will show you how to get around that too.

Before you watch the video, I would like to point out that we did not have a ton of success while filming this, but it was due to buying the wrong taps for our beer. Ideally you would use this type of spigot for your keg:

Credit, Amazon.com
Credit, Amazon.com

Notice how this spigot is threaded with a nut.

But we think you will get the idea. Enjoy!





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