When doctors told this man that they needed him to stay awake during brain surgery, the man decided to play Beatles tunes on his guitar. 


That was awesome!

I want to get brain surgery now!

No not really, but if I did I am not sure what I would want to be doing during the surgery if I had to be awake. I can not play any instruments, my spelling and grammar are really bad, so I guess I should not blog while undergoing surgery, because I don't know if it would make my brain swell or something.

It does not look like the guy can see much, so if you have to be awake during brain surgery you probably need to be doing something that you can feel more then you can see.

I did not think allot about this, but I did come up with some bad ideas.

  • Sword Fight
  • Pet a Cat
  • Pet a Dog
  • Pet a Nurse
  • Mash Potatoes
  • Scramble Eggs
  • Try to assist the doctors



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