Who can really blame this guy? The last thing I want when trying to enjoy Kate
Winslet’s tits in 3D is some jack hole kid yapping away. I commend this man.

According to The Seattle Times a man is accused of punching a kid for being to noisy in the movie theater. The movie is Titanic 3D so already you know this dude shelled out and extra $2.50. To top it off he has to deal with some punk kid ruining his 3D boobs and dead bodies flying at his face? I don’t think so, I commend this man for taking the initiative and shutting the kid up. There’s a million people each day id like to punch in the face, I don’t because sometimes they are bigger then me or I’m pretty sure they might hit me back. This guy had it all figured out, punch a kid because anyone can kick a kids ass. I think for now on I’m only going to start fights with people 10-years-old or younger. Those are guaranteed W’s. Hell, I might be able to take on like 6 or 7 10 year old kids at once, maybe even more. Guess we’ll never find out because I don’t ever plan on seeing “Titanic 3D” no matter how good people tell me Leo’s bulge looks.