Man attacked by fierce tiger: lucky for him his two Beagles are there to save his life. Ok, maybe the tiger isn't so fierce, but when the video starts, you see this tiger that looks like it's locked in on its prey, ready to kill. Then you hear the cameraman giggling like a schoolgirl. As you think, "What is wrong with this guy?" you see the two dogs jump in on the fun.

I wish all tigers were like this, because I want one for a pet. There are three reasons I don't already own one: 1.) I'm allergic to cats, 2.) I'm almost sure its illegal and 3.) they're scary as hell.

This tiger is nowhere as scary as the tiger in The Hangover. And you know, someday this tiger is going to think it's self "Boy, this guy and his two dogs are fun. I wonder what they taste like."