Today is May 4th and it kind of sounds like "May Force" so Star Wars fans have declared today to be "May the 4th be with you" or "Star Wars Day." Why celebrate this? Why not?

Star Wars Day started on May 4th 1979 -- that is how long this has been going on for.

I am all for being festive, but the most I will do today is watch "The Force Awakens". My favorite part is the end of the movie when the camera follows Daisy Ridley from behind.

You don't have to celebrate Star Wars Day like me -- in fact, don't celebrate Star Wars Day the way that I do, leave Daisy Ridley alone. You can all watch "Return of the Jedi" and stare at Carrie Fisher.

Leave Daisy Ridley to me and what ever you do, do not watch this video:

If you watched this video to see Daisy Ridley in yoga pants, then shame on you.

You should not celebrate Star Wars Day the way that I do. Here are some more suggestions for you:

1. Talk like a Wookie.

2. Talk like a Droid.

3. Talk like Darth Vader.

4. Dress like a Jedi.

5. Try to use the force, but not the dark side because if you do and you fail to use the force choke, then someone will know that you're trying to kill them and they may be a Jedi.

6. Argue with Star Trek fans.

7. Watch the Family Guy, Star Wars parodies.

8. Watch Space Balls.

9. Hum the Star Wars theme all day long at work.

10. Sing the Ewok song at the end of work today,

And remember, tomorrow is Revenge of the 5th. But don't worry, Daisy will save us, the force is strong with her.