Wait - are we in 1992 all over again?

A women is suing McDonald's over hot water she was given that burned her claiming customers are unaware of the 'unique harm' when employees serve the item.

Lynne Gipson is the women behind the suit claiming the employees at the fast food giant serve hot water and tea in a negligent manner. It's because of this she suffered second degree burns about 2 years ago.

Gipson claims an employee handed her hot water in the drive thru and the lid 'popped off, causing the scalding water to spill onto her hand, stomach and lap.' The employee, according to the suit, apologized and remarked that the cups were new and being 'tried out.' She alleges that no one at the restaurant offered her help as she waited for the pain to subside in the parking lot before driving home.

It should be noted that Gipson did go to the doctor the next day to have the burn looked at.

She is seeking unspecified damages in the suit, claiming she 'still feels sensitivity in the burned areas.'