Somebody really thought this would work. I mean, somebody actually thought placing this in the corner of their windshield would go unnoticed.

1. If you're gonna get a fake inspection sticker, get it from a professional. I'm not sure who they are or in what underbelly they lurk, but I'm sure they're out there.

2. At least use the correct color paper for the background - that usually changes each year.

3. Don't forget to punch the hole in the imaginary expiration month.

4. Ever thought of using a printer? A dot matrix from 1986 could've spit out something more believable.

5. I gotta say, the drawing of the little Excelsior symbol ain't bad.

Mechanicville Police confirmed on their Facebook page that this is an actual sticker they recovered from a traffic stop on Wednesday:

This is a picture of an actual “inspection sticker” recovered today during a traffic stop. Can you spot the fake? We thought so. Take a moment and check to make sure your vehicles are properly inspected. A properly maintained vehicle is safer for everyone on the road, they perform better, and yearly inspections are required by law.

Definitely an A for effort on this one. Although, I must wonder what was so cataclysmically wrong with this vehicle that someone went to this much effort to sketch a phony inspection sticker. Was it on an '82 Chevette or something? Honestly, if your car can't pass inspection, you're better off just leaving the old one on and hoping nobody notices.

However, this has inspired me. Tonight I'm going to get a cocktail napkin and a sharpie and make a new license plate.

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