Much like we expect gas prices to rise with the holiday travels, the price of meat is on the rise as well for Memorial Day weekend.

But by how much? The USDA say a pound of beef is now averaging $5.50. Which means beef has risen 46 cents since January of this year.

Beer isn't alone either in price hikes

  • Ground beef is up 35 cents
  • Sirloin is up 60 cents
  • Pork is around 20 cents more than last year

Don't expect prices to go back down anytime soon. According to Bryan Lawrence of Lawrence Herefords, there are fewer cows in the US but demand continues to grow.

The American cow herd is at one of the all-time lows, you know, I think since the 1950′s. There’s fewer cows in the U.S. than there ever has been since then.

How can you avoid sticker shock at the meat counter this weekend? The Beef Council advises consumers to buy less -expensive cuts and use spices, rubs, or other seasonings to help with flavor. They also suggest buying in bulk when you do buy beef.

Happy cooking!