Many people are under the impression that pit bulls are an unfriendly pet.  One local group is trying to educate people and repair the animals bad reputation.


If you have ever considered getting a dog you have no doubt heard someone tell you "don't get a pit bull".  For a long time now these dogs have gotten the bad reputation as mean aggressive dogs, but the fact of the matter is, they aren't.  Save a Bull in Menands, NY is trying to help dispell those rumors and properly educate people on pit bull facts.

The people telling you not to get a pit bull have probably seen The Omen one too many times.  When comes down to it these animals are just as loving as a golden retriever if brought up properly, just as any pet.  If you treat an animal poorly of course they will not be nice.

Save a Bull, part of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, not only helps to educate people on the dogs, but also takes in pit bulls who have been treated poorly and tries to rehabilitate them.  Really a great organization out to prove that all animals need love.  Our Q103 Photographer Nick Lee is the proud owner of a pit bull and he absolutely loves him.

Make sure to check out Save a Bull on facebook for more information on the work they do, and they can answer any questions you have if you are thinking about becoming a pit bull owner.