Guys all around the world can rejoice, because the gorgeous Minka Kelly is back on the market!  Not that most of us normal people will have a shot with her, but with Derek Jeter out of the picture it makes the ridiculous dream seem a bit more possible.

Early this morning, Minka Kelly's people told People Magazine that her and Derek Jeter had officially decided to call it quits.  This is great news for delusional guys everywhere who think they have a chance, but I think the bottom line is that the two of them are just too busy right now to carry on a relationship.

They care about each other and it was amicable. They're still friends.

-Minka Kelly Rep

Jeter is of course busy in a playoff race with his team the New York Yankees, while Kelly has done several films and is part of the reboot of Charlies Angels that premiers this fall on NBC.  The two of them often dispelled rumors of engagement and remained very private throughout their 3 year relationship.  So get ready boys, because Minka is single!