You heard correctly, there is now an app approved by the Catholic Church that will allow you to go to confession right from your iphone.


The latest iphone app will now allow you to go through the whole confession process without having to actually go.  You will actually have to go into the confessional to receive penance, but I'm sure you can shoot your priest an email and he will get you all the details.

The app is available now for download for just $1.99.  You can program the app to be very personal by entering your marital status and what not so that they can make sure you are staying on track.  It was developed by a company called Little I Apps and is the first one approved by the U.S. Roman Catholic Church.  They say it is a way that they can reach out to a younger crowd that is familiar with the digital world.  You can expect more catholic type apps in 2011 because Pope Benedict said he wants to use the technology and social media devices to reach young people.

Growing up Catholic this would of come in handy.  Instead we would rush to church early and hopefully there wouldn't be a line.  Not to mention having to sit there and tell the priest all the stuff you had done in past week or so.  It's very intimidating, so an app that gets most of the awkward out of the way is very welcome in my book.  Hats off to the catholic church too.  Technology rules the world, so why not embrace it?

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