Have you ever seen a moose? I'm not talking about at a zoo, in a documentary or on social media. Have you ever seen a moose live-in-person? It does not happen very often and many people will go their entire life never seeing one in the wild.

I cannot promise that what I am about to share with you guarantees a moose sighting in your future but this will increase the likelihood of seeing moose. Here are some of the best spots to spot a moose in New York State.

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Many years ago I was lucky enough to see a moose. Considering that I am 55 and have only seen 1, the odds of spotting another moose is slim. However, if you go where the moose are you will increase your chances. Makes sense right?

The first thing you should know is that, if you are lucky enough to spot one, stay away from it. Let the moose do his thing and watch from a distance. Stay calm and don't run away.

According to the New York State DEC, the majority of moose sightings have occurred in the Adirondacks. Adirondacks.com reports that there are approximately 400 moose roaming the woods in that region. Fall is the best time of year to spot moose active in NY, especially as the sun comes up or as the sun sets.

Adirondacks.com goes on to say that Vermontville, NY along Route 3 and Meacham Lake along Route 30 are 2 of the best places to find moose. Click HERE to see more great locations to explore.

Hiker Comes Within 5 Feet Of Adirondack Male Moose

Fisherman Gets Up Close Look at Majestic Moose in the Adirondacks

Moose on Loose Strolls New York Beach

A moose was captured wandering Port Henry beach before heading back home to the forest where she belonged. An employee preparing to open the gates captured the majestic animal early one morning.

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