Nothing screams “classy” like a stripper delivering Bam Bam Bigelow style head butts to your dork while your Grandma and Grandpa watch. This is far from cool and downright awkward.

Nice attempt on trying to be the “cool” parent’s mom and dad. However, next time you want to pay two hot strippers to smear their Chlamydia all over me can you do a favor for me and make sure that my entire family isn’t present?

Something has gone completely wrong in the child/parent relationship in the past few years. I remember growing up and liking my parents. Hell, I got along great with my Mother and Father, however they were not my “Buds”. Why am I hearing more about stories where parents are trying so hard to be “cool” in the eye of their kids and their friends instead of focusing more on how to be a role model? And furthermore, why are kids suddenly okay with creeps for parents?

This story reminds me of a similar incident that happened in South Glens Falls, NY. A 16 year old boy was having a birthday party at a bowling alley. I assume the party was complete with hats, noisemakers, cake and punch. Also to top of this bowling extravaganza the parents spiced things up with girls who I’m guessing  were ironically enough named Sugar and Spice [VIDEO].

Listen, I get it, being a Horney teenager is hard (punny!). You can’t get girls out of your mind and you constantly walk around with a diving board in your pants. The idea of touching a naked girl is enough for you to sticky pee your pants. However this is not something you should be comfortable doing in front of Pop pop and Gam Gam. The goal at 16 is to get laid, but that should not be “at any means necessary”. If there is an opportunity to catch Crabs in your thin adolescent mustache but your extended family is present, maybe it’s time to sit this one out. There will be plenty of more chance to get your digest wet and if you do it privet you’ll maintain a normal relationship with your aunts and uncles.