Over the past week, Motionless in White has treated fans with both the release of a new album, and a new music video.  On May 5th, the band dropped "Graveyard Shift," with a track list including songs like "570," "Eternally Yours," and "LOUD (F*** It)."  They also released a new video for "Eternally Yours," displaying a strong effort from the band to keep up their heavy momentum, with no signs of stopping.  The video, displaying multiple sides of vocalist Chris Motionless, exemplifies both the band's rock and their risqué.  Never one to spend too much time indulging in comments, I couldn't help but get sucked in to some of the chatter commentary regarding reactions to the band's edgy new video- and yes, burst out laughing at times.   At that point, I opted to turn my streaming vocal commentary to a blog post.

Catch the video, and all the YouTube comments that I mention, here: Motionless in White: "Eternally Yours"

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    "Ghost has the best hair, jealous!!!!!"- tearsrfalling949

    Agreed.  That's all.

  • 2

    "Plot twist: the coffin is a tanning bed"- Lamisa Rashid

    A leather-skinned over tan Motionless in White *cue horror music.*. The only true way to kill a band as amazing as Motionless in White.

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    "I've goth a boner"- Willem Dafuq

    I mean, with my gender, I physically can't even make this happen, and I kind of want to start using this pun just because it made me laugh so hard reading it.  Also, this video really made that happen?! I'd avoid the whole "Half God/Half Devil" tour then, because between Motionless in White and In This Moment's over the top live performances, you might find yourself struggling to be in public.

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    "This was porn, my child eyes"- kaylee! Rian!

    Well...not quite porn. In case you haven't seen it, porn tends to show much more skin and indecency.  Plus, if you have child eyes it means that you're a child. Because an adult would have adult eyes.  And children shouldn't be scrolling YouTube without adult supervision.

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    "it is a f***ing CASKET. NOT A COFFIN. Casket = 4 sides Coffin = 6 sides they're not the same thing" - Kalin Korpse

    Whoah. Don't mess with whoever 'Kalin Korpse' is, they know what's up. Plus, I came for the music video, I left learning a new fact.