So I enjoy WWE but I didn't grow up watching it.  Meaning- I have nowhere near the knowledge some of our other crew do- like Q103's Vinnie and Dan.  I've never actually gone to a professional WWE event, so of course when it came to 'Monday Night Raw' on the 20th, I had to go.  And Q103'sVinnie and Dan helped to show me the ropes.

First off- as a newbie, they had me do this thing (see below).  I tried to be tough like the amazing WWE girls, you can see how that turned out:


Next off- 5 minutes in and I DID want to jump in the wrestling ring.  WWE is SO much fun live and totally worth seeing- the energy, the music, the lights.  I don't know any of the moves, but who cares, I want in on this sport!  Grab me a flashy tight outfit and a fun name and I'll train for it.


The production is great.  If there's one thing I know, it's music production.  I grew up working the venue life before radio, and doing music production.  'Monday Night Raw' had production perfection, from wrestling celebrity bits with Alexa Bliss, to a few Roman Reigns appearances, to music cues and TV show clips in between matches.  I still can't say I know all about wrestling, but I'm definitely hooked!  (and if you have any tips as a fan- let me know!)