2016 has not been a happy year for a lot of people unless you're a Trump supporter, there've been many depressing stories and many celebrity deaths that made a lot of people very sad, but there were some good stories to come out of 2016.

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Madonna offering oral sex to anyone who voting for Hillary Clinton is one of my favorites because she did not and this proves that Madonna is still an idiot and that she is full of beans.

I liked this story because although the man lost his wife, he won at catching her cheating and made the best use of a drone that I have seen.

She teased us with a glimpse of her butt in the movie The Crush and years later we got the whole damn thing and it is still good but was it worth the wait? Of course it was.

If it makes Bill Murray happy, then it makes me happy and it gives me hope for the Detroit Lions.

Ha! Ha!

I think that this is funny because not only is she breaking Billy Ray's achey breaky heart but she is also destroying her own legacy, or is it Hanna Montana's?

Almost got her.

In Conclusion: It just occurred to me that I may be a bad person.




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